What are concrete contractors saying about Dragon Screed?

"This screed saves me so much time and money, that I’ll never go back to using anything else."
"It just…it takes away labor, takes away that backbreaking labor a lot of times. It’s just so easy. When it was hot…I would just go home and crash…now, using the Dragon Screed it’s totally different. You can actually do something, mow grass, something. I haven’t seen anything like this. We’re pouring twice as much concrete as what we would normally be able to do.”​
“The screed is doing great!! We place 450 cubic yards of concrete today with it and everything went well." (On their very first day using a Dragon Screed.)
Brandon Voyles
Owner, Ideal Concrete Finishing, Inc
“Dragon Screed has made life a lot easier – we get by with a lot less labor on our projects. We can take three guys and pour 200 yards or more of concrete and be done by noon. Set up and be ready for the next 200 yards first thing in the morning. It has just really simplified the project.”
A concrete finisher uses a float to level and smooth out wet concrete.
Tony McKee
Owner & Operator, McKee Construction Services, LLC
“Thank you for the terrific customer service. Our Foreman LOVES that thing. We are bidding on a big government job, that if won, we will be buying one for that team as well. Time is money and that screed is a time saver.”
"I have poured over 500 truckloads of concrete using the Dragon Screed for both screeding and grading the gravel. It has saved us so much back labor and we pour so much more concrete in a day’s time. This thing is the real deal."
A concrete finisher pulls a bull float handle while finishing a freshly poured driveway.
Rodney Lord
25 Years of Concrete Experience
“On our very first project, we doubled the amount of concrete that I expected to pour. It far exceeds an A-Frame screed. There’s nothing else out there like Dragon Screed. Plus, we don’t break guy’s backs…we let the machine do the work.”
"We put down 90 yards, 12 feet wide in 2 hours. I love it!"

Concrete contractors from sea to sea have realized a better way
and are reaping the rewards of using Dragon Screed.


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