About Us

About Us

The Challenge

Luke Terstriep has owned and operated Terstriep Concrete and Construction for nearly 40 years. After spending decades in the concrete industry, Luke recognized a need for a better, more efficient way to complete flatwork concrete projects.

When Luke and his crew of seven employees found themselves on a job needing to pour a 180,000 square foot parking lot in a just a couple of weeks, Luke knew that he needed to find a way to pour more concrete in a day. Drawing on his welding experience as a tank mechanic in the US Army, Luke went to work designing a powered concrete screed machine unlike anything that had ever existed.

The Solution

After pouring approximately 300 truck loads of concrete in less than 15 days with just seven employees, Luke knew that his design was going to revolutionize the way that concrete is poured around the world. After lots of research, trial and error, and experimenting with different designs, Luke invented, patented, and took Dragon Screed to market. He’s been making concrete work easier for contractors ever since.

Born out of 40 years of experience screeding concrete and grading gravel, our designs level subsgrade and screed concrete faster and with less labor than any other method on the market.

Dragging Concrete is dragging YOU DOWN.